Full Dentures

Full Dentures

The success in fitting and constructing Full Dentures can be measured by the ease and individual can enjoy their favorite foods and the confidence shown when smiling and talking, embracing their new teeth as a part of his and her own persona.

When the clinical, lifestyle and currently worn Full dentures inadequacies are correctly analysed, an individually assessed treatment plan is implemented to satisfy a particular persons comfort, facial support and stability zones in the mouth, as well as a cosmetically suited appearance to enhance a complete natural smile.

During the first consultation, we listen to the patient’s concerns and difficulties with the current full dentures, as well as their needs. An assessment of the current dentures in and out of the mouth, as well as observing all internal and external facial landmarks, as well as the person’s lifestyle, will gather sufficient information in formulating key denture construction criteria required to satisfy all their personal needs. Following note taking and the findings discussed with the patient, consent is given for the first impressions to be taken of the top and bottom jaw bones and following specially adapted plastic trays are made over the first plaster models.

During the second appointment the colour of the new teeth is selected with the patient’s approval. Replica models are made of the currently worn dentures, so as to determine the shape, size and improvements to be made in tooth positioning, keeping in mind the client’s needs. Final impressions are taken of the top and bottom jaw bones utilising the special made plastic trays, with imprints made in polyvinyl siloxane impression material, accurately recording the shape and size of the jaw bones, which will ultimately provide stable and comfortably fitted dentures.

At the third appointment clinical measurements are made of the top and bottom jaw bones and then with the current dentures fitted in the mouth in closure position. A decision is made on the amount of over and under support of the jaw joints according to facial appearance and lip lengths and also to determine the optimal size of the new upper and lower dentures by trimming the upper and lower wax blocks vertically for facial support, cosmetic tooth appearance and stability of denture comfort.

The plastic teeth chosen during the second appointment according to durability, quality, colour and price are now positioned centrally on the waxed model dentures to provide support, stability of the new dentures during function as well as a natural appearance.

During the fourth appointment the top and bottom replica waxed model dentures are fitted in the mouth to observe fit and stability on the bony ridges in relation to the tongue and lip cheek walls, tooth setting according to verticle size in relation to top and bottom lip lengths, the accuracy of the bite, speech formation, fullness of facial and lip muscles and the colour and shape of the new teeth when the patient is asked to smile. When the patient is satisfied with the replica waxed model dentures, they are then processed in the dental laboratory with high impact strength pink base acrylic and finally trimmed into shape and polished.

During the fifth and final appointment, the completed dentures are fitted in the mouth with little or no adjustment required and any additional visits within the first 12 months are included in the cost.