Q – How long do dentures take to make?

A- Immediate, full and plastic partial dentures generally take 10 to 14 days to make, depending on how quickly the patient can attend the five appointments. Partial dentures that include a metal alloy frame take 3 weeks to complete as the frame is made by a leading Melbourne based Dental laboratory.

Q – Why can’t I eat and speak properly with my dentures?

A – Generally upon examination of the current dentures in the mouth, the vertical size of the top and bottom dentures are often too big, the teeth are not positioned correctly and the opposing teeth do not fit together correctly, let alone if the dentures are old, the teeth are flat and worn and cease to provide balance when chewing.  Alternatively, if there has been excessive bone loss over a period of time, the dentures have not compensated for the extra empty space created in the mouth, leading to loose and under supported dentures which are not so controllable during eating, with a sagging facial appearance, facial tiredness, tenderness in the jaw joints and in time a form of facial neuralgia developing.

Q – Why do I get food under my dentures?

A – Immediate, full and partial dentures that are new, have not been fitted correctly with precision impression taking.  As in older dentures a lack of 3D shape will not keep the food around the teeth, as well as a poor fit.

Q – How much do dentures cost?

A – The prices I quote during the first free consultation are based upon examining the patient’s oral needs and a selection of varying qualities of denture making materials are made for personal consideration, also taking into account a private dental insurance cover, government dental schemes or a finance plan of pay later maybe offered.

Q – Can I claim my dentures on my insurance cover and how do I pay?

A – Upon completion of the dentures, payment by cash or cheque is accepted and an invoice receipt is issued with the relevant item numbers and my provider number.

Q – Are my dentures made in Australia?

A – At CN Smiles Denture Clinic I pride myself on accessing all materials and services locally in Sydney and Melbourne, where the Therapeutics Goods Administration in Canberra, certify all Denture materials biocompatible and safe to wear in the mouth.  The Dentures are clinically fitted and all constructed by myself.

Q – Is there any chance of breaking my dentures in the mouth?

A – Dentures that are 15 or more years old will not fit so well, due to the changes in the bone shape and begin to break as they are not supported by the jaw.  Simply eating soggy bread and soft pizza bases or any soft food will literally suck the Denture from the jaw where they should be sitting on and supported.

Q – “When taking family photos, I always cover my mouth so people do not see my teeth or lack of any teeth visible?”

A – In reply to this comment, this is generally a sign of the Dentures being old, that do not fulfil a youthful appearance.  With teeth that are flat and worn or are too dark in colour, they do not enhance a natural smile.  Alternatively the opposite may happen with new dentures that are not made correctly, with the top teeth hanging too far down and are too long and set too far forward, resulting in a horse like appearance, making smiling or speaking difficult without them continually falling down.

Q – I know some friends that cannot wear their Dentures and keep them in their night drawer. What do I tell them?

A – I believe with 30 years clinical experience, Dental literature available today and advanced technologies of Denture making materials, that the correct assessment of the persons individual facial and oral features is paramount and where the troublesome Dentures do not satisfy the persons needs, in most situations a Complete Natural and functional smile can be created to satisfy the disheartened patient to happy Denture wearer.